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College Admissions Counseling Services


Attending a college or university is a huge financial investment.  It is also a uniquely personal decision for the student.  Achievement Matters College Admissions Consulting is here to help students make a best fit college decision from every aspect of the college admissions process (academic, personal, social, and financial).  I am here to "help students ACHIEVE acceptance to their best fit college."  All counseling packages are one set package fee. I DO NOT charge hourly fees for any of my counseling or consultation services. I'm here to help students and families navigate through one of the biggest personal and financial decision making experience of their lives: the college admissions process!  Click on the Contact Tab to schedule a complimentary initial consultation to explore how we can work together to help your child.

Complimentary Initial Consultation
This is a complimentary 60 minute consultation with you and your child.  We will discuss your educational goals and how my services can help make them become a reality.
Comprehensive Counseling Package
Comprehensive college planning can start as early as the freshman year in high school. It includes extensive consultation meetings (topics of focus for each meeting), student and parent assessments, continual academic evaluations, college admissions related research, college application management, etc.   Most families begin work in the junior year of high school.  However, if your child is interested in highly selective schools, majors that will require auditions, or obtaining athletic scholarships,  it is advisable to begin the process early.

Comprehensive Counseling Package Services will include, but are not limited to:

  • Student Personality Assessment

  • College Planning Values Assessment 

  • Career Interest Inventories

  • Career Awareness Guidance

  • Parent Questionnaires

  • Academic/Personal Goal Setting

  • High School Course Selection Planning

  • Academic Transcript Review/Advisement

  • Creation of College Planning Timelines

  • College Entrance Exam (SAT/ACT) Planning and Preparation/ Tutoring Recommendations

  • Extra-Curricular Activities, Community Service, Activities Resume Advisement

  • College Visit, Essay, and Interview Prep

  • College Research

  • College List Building

  • College Application and Admissions Planning

  • Financial Aid Advisement and Scholarship Research

  • NCAA Guidance/College Search/Advisement for Student Athletes desiring athletic scholarships

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