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College Admissions Counseling

Achievement Matters College Admissions Consulting, LLC,  is a comprehensive college admissions counseling practice whose mission is to help guide and direct college bound students and their families through the college admissions process.  I provide individual and highly personal attention to each family so that students are matched with a college or university that best fits their unique goals and needs.  I deliver sound advice and guidance in a way that ultimately helps a student achieve their goals of not only being accepted, but successfully matriculating through their "best fit" college.  My passion is fueled by a sincere desire to, "Help students ACHIEVE acceptance to their best fit college."


College Admissions Counseling

I am passionate about educating students and families about the world of college options. There are over 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States and I'm here to help your child find the best fit school in terms of personal, academic/career and financial objectives.  I'm excited to work with your child because I have the ability to devote time and attention to personally helping them discover who they are, what their strongest interests are, and where they want to spend the next four to five years of their lives.  I'm equipped with current knowledge to individually advise each student and their families through a college admissions journey that can sometimes be filled with feelings of anxiety and stress.  With up-to-date guidance and intentional time management of the college admissions process, it is my goal to alleviate the stress of the college admissions journey and help students find their best fit college or university.

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